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Our Mission

With brands on every corner fighting for eyes, clicks, and conversions, it's becoming more and more challenging to stand out and stay relevant. With this in mind, our founder, Brennan Strader, set out to help growing companies meet this never-ending demand. After starting and scaling several businesses, he understood firsthand how crucial content was in our digital world. To help elevate brands more effectively, he joined forces with other talented filmmakers and content creators. Our clients range from billion-dollar brands to ambitious startups. With an obsessive focus on results, we have generated millions for our clients and helped turn their prospects into loyal, lifetime customers. Capture Films is now the one-stop-shop for video, photos, and animation.

Our Why

When it comes down to it, we have a passion for telling stories. We love the effect it has on the viewer and its result on the brand. There is no process more fulfilling than taking an idea and bringing it to life or capturing a client's vision and bringing it to the big screen. We aim to turn heads, open minds, and touch hearts. By doing so, we help growing brands achieve unbelievable results. And when our clients win, we win.


Our Strategy

From years of experience creating content, we've learned that a video without a strategy is like a car without wheels: it doesn't go anywhere. Our content strategy consists of a promo video, brand messaging video, and testimonials with a three-pronged approach. When all three media pieces work together, they create a powerful lead generation machine.

In addition to lead generation, video can also be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. When you tell a story visually, it affects the viewer and helps them feel an emotion. These emotions lead to actions. In other words, if you want the viewer to act, then first make them feel. And what better way to invoke a feeling than through video?

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